About Me (Just a little…)

Greetings to all who visit my blog. I have long worked in the arts in the fields of filmmaking, writing, acting, music and other areas. Much of the blog will be devoted to those fields of endeavor, but I  am also interested in a great many subjects, and they too, shall find their way into this blog. I’m a Liberal Democrat and proud of that, and politics is a fascinating subject for me, and has been since I was a teenager. I will write about, or comment, on a dizzying array of subjects, and I would enjoy reading and responding to comments based on my own.

My tastes in films, music and art are rather eclectic, and difficult to pin down. As a published writer I will, on occasion,  share a short story, article or review with you on the blog. As always I welcome all comments and opinions. I don’t think my opinions on a given subject are the last word, by any means. However, I will not tolerate incendiary or gratuitous foul language or “flaming” on this blog. Please be courteous to all who express their opinions and/or comments here.

Thank you for reading my blog, and don’t hesitate to put links to other comments or information that may have a bearing on a certain comment or post.

Daniel Martine


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